Today in the city Moody 25.03.2017
Are Your Mood Swings A Symptom Of A Disorder Or Just The Patriarchy?

The practice of calling women "emotional," "crazy," or "moody" has a long, storied history as one of the patriarchy's favorite tools to discredit women and their ideas. But the Big Scary Secret is tha...

April The Giraffe 'Bit Moody' As Labor Delayed

Keepers believe April's mood change "is a good thing" while the animal's "back end continues to progress to our satisfaction."

Songs We Love: Helium, 'XXX'

A round of reissues for Mary Timony's old band Helium comes with a cleaned-up version of the "XXX" video, proving that the art of the moody, attitude-filled music video peaked in the 1990s.

What Does Brad Pitt Listen To While He Sculpts Alone?

Brad Pitt is going through a breakup. He's single for the first time in a long time (he, as we all know, went straight from one relationship to another) and he's having to learn the essentials of bein...

This Nail Trend Brings Back An Old-School Accessory — & It's Perfect For Summer

What was cool back in the early 2000s is cool yet again. For the last year, plenty of old-school trends — including moody lipstick and frosty lip gloss — have resurrected, and we're now tempted to bri...

Natalie Portman's unborn baby is the star of James Blake's new video

2017 is truly a banner year for underwater maternity shoots. Thanks for kicking that off, Beyoncé. Natalie Portman swirls around underwater in (Bey collaborator) James Blake's new video for "My W...

MAC's New Lip Kits Are The Witchy Shades You Need For Spring

In January, MAC dropped some major news we didn't quite see coming: The brand would be launching its own lip kits. The idea of using a lipstick and pencil in tandem isn’t new, of course, especially si...

US to keep Aaa-rating after debt ceiling: Moody's

Moody's said the U.S. will retain the agency's top-notch debt rating as long as it meets its interest payments even if the government's borrowing cap is reinstated.

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